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Elizabeth Metlitsky is the founder, CEO, Editor-in-Chief and a bunch of other titles she’s given herself because she can. When she’s not busy working on Ode to Awe, she also has a full-time job in travel where she doesn’t travel. When she does manage to get out of the office, her favorite destinations are Amsterdam and any part of China. You can email her at
Elina Vaysbeyn has an addictive personality. Her drugs of choice are far-flung travel, exotic food, foreign cultures and high-caliber tequila. Sometimes she has to indulge reality and do mundane things like go to work and pay her bills… only sometimes.
Daniele Hauptman is a product of the New York public school system and proud of it. Born and raised in Tribeca, she learned to ignore the rich and famous before you learned how to walk and chew gum at the same time.  When she’s not giving tourists the wrong directions, you can find her hanging out with the movers and shakers, moving and/or shaking. She also has the Twitter.
Tori loves good food, good beer, good times and good people. She lives in Albany, NY. Check her out on Twitter.
Ellie Burhans is a 30 year old living in Albany, NY. Her big break was last year when she got to model Spanx for a local news publication. She enjoys cheap wine, karaoke and wants to get in on print-blocking before it becomes the next big thing. Her sister is kinda funny. Check out her Twitter, where she talks a lot about coffee.
Amy Clegg is an aspiring rapper, novelist, pastry chef, ukele virtuoso, clothing designer and break-dancer. She is a New York transplant who currently lives in Wyoming, where she spends her free time baking, designing clothing and jewelry, and wondering why she lives in Wyoming. You can follow her on Twitter.

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