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NYC Oyster Happy Hours

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Viking Party at the Food Network Studios

Last night, I had the pleasure to attend a party for Viking, manufacturers of  ranges, refrigerators and the like. The party featured the sleek new Viking Designer Series and was held at the Food Network Studios. The appetizers were delicious and the drinks were flowing. The spiked apple cider was so good, I had to ask for the recipe (Maker’s Mark, cointreau, bitters, and apple cider.) Hello new holiday drink tradition! The party was great, even if I didn’t win any prizes -thanks for letting us go ahead of you in line Apartment Therapy editor : )  but then you won with ticket 556990, while we were stuck with 556991 : (   Oh well, can’t win them all.

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Carnival Strippers


carnival stripperscarnival strippers

I have always had a fascination with carnivals and sideshows, especially of yesteryear. This fascination is well known with my friends, and I have the artwork on my walls to prove it. Much to my delight, I received this book from a friend for a birthday, and I can’t even tell you how insanely interesting and beautiful and weird it is.

The girls in the book are not touched up, not perfect by any means but they are beautiful. There is an ethereal quality to them, even though many of their eyes seem haunted. The book touches upon their stories and experiences, most of which are somewhat disturbing. It’s really a fascinating book, and the photographs are amazing. I especially like the last image (above) of the boy at his first girl show. He’s young, maybe 12-ish and bright eyed, one in a crowd amongst countless dirty old men with creepy glances. It’s not even fathomable in today’s world, and for good reason, but the image is so striking to me. Seriously, take a look at this book.

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George Lois is sick of magazine covers, and so am I

63-10_real fashionWoman shaving272-10_Nicholson69-08_stripper.1Images via George Lois

I have long been ranting that today’s popular fashion magazines are bland, generic and overloaded with information and advertisements.  I have a small collection of ancient vogues and international magazines, and they are brilliant from beginning to end; the content, imagery, direction and design. That is not to say that I don’t read current fashion magazines from time to time and enjoy them, I do. However, I am not moved by these current magazines, not inspired and in awe.

For me, current fashion magazines (I am talking about the more mainstream ones here) are for pure entertainment, in the same vain as just okay television shows and movies. Older issues of these same magazines, however, are like museums of art and brilliant books and iconic movies. Thumbing through them, I am inspired, I am moved, I feel something. And while there are plenty of great magazines out there, they are harder to find, existing in specialized magazine shops and online.  It would be nice to walk into a bodega and see beautiful, design driven, interesting magazines; lined up like soldiers ready to take on the world.

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