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Brooklyn Love: Georgia Varidakis

I really love jewelry and I also really love Brooklyn, so finding local, amazing designers always makes me happy. Georgia Varidakis makes really cool pieces in everything from brass to sterling silver and gold. My favorites are definitely the claw necklaces and bunny heads. She’s a permanent fixture at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg, but if you’re not in Brooklyn on the weekends, you can order from her site. ring in Sterling silver

Georgia Varidakis Jewelry — Sterling Silver Claw Necklace-2Claw Necklaces in sterling silver and gold

http___www.georgiavaridakis.comUnisex Stacking rings

All via Georgia Varidakis

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You Bought Your Holiday Gifts, Now What?

A Guide To Gift Wrapping

So you’ve finished buying all of your holiday gifts but they’re just sitting in the corner of your bedroom/livingroom/hallway waiting to be wrapped. You can go the usual route, and just buy some green or red tissue paper, some snowman or santa gift bags, or some happy holidays wrapping paper and call it a day, or you can do something just a little more special. I’ll admit, although I usually try to do something cool, after wrapping each gift with hello kitty wrapping paper for hours, I end up beat and then just write each person’s name in sharpie. However, I think this year I’m really going to put some effort into my gifts, and with these cute ideas, it really won’t be too hard.

TAGS vintage inspiredALICE IN WONDERLANDwhite by pinkcherrymamaAlice in Wonderland Gift Tags By PinkCherryMama

Bouf - Championing Original Design - Buy, Sell and Discover Original Kitchenware, Lighting, Wallpaper, Beanbags, Chairs, Cushions, Gifts, Art, Jewellery, Bags, Accessories and MorePin Up Wrapping Paper Via Crumpet & Skirt

Raunchy Wrapping Paper Boys - SK RAUNCHWRAP B1 | A&G MERCHStriped on the outside, naughty on the inside- Wrapping Paper Via A&G Merch

fredflare.com1 | leopard print tapeLeopard print tape via Fred Flare

If you’re really crafty, create your own bows from the pages of  your favorite fashion magazines:

Make a gift bow from a magazine page | How About OrangeInstructions via Howaboutorange

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A pretty little home to call my own

So, this weekend I am moving into a new apartment. It’s a cute little studio/1 bedroom (the bedroom is separate, but with no actual door), with purple walls and exposed brick. I have all of the furniture I would need- an antique Victorian style flower upholstered couch, a bertoia chair, a black and bleached cream antique table, a dark green antique lamp, and a plain old box spring bed that does not go with anything. However, it’s the home decor that I really need…okay, maybe, want..

Supermarket - Blaue Blume tea pot - white with gold shoes from Undergrowth Design

Supermarket - Blaue Blume Milk jug -White with gold shoes from Undergrowth Design

Blaue Blume Tea Pot and Milk Jug via Undergrowth Design

DL & Company | Modern Alchemists and Purveyors of Curious Goods

Silver Claw Candle Holder (two please). via DL & Company

antelope skullSouth African Duiker- antelope skull with swarovski crystal via The Future Perfect

Ok, so I can’t really afford any of these right now, but a girl can dream..and dream..and dream.