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NYC Oyster Happy Hours

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Scenes and Sounds and New York Bags

Founded in New York in 2009, Reece Hudson is a handbag collection that, as they say, “bridges the gap between luxury products and street style.” The bags have a very vintage and masculine aesthetic; the colours, shapes and textures remind me of a beautiful antique library in some old Victorian mansion (Morgan Library?). I love the way they juxtaposed masculine and feminine by having the model show some skin.




Reece Hudson

The clutch is absolutely to die for, and the cross body bag looks like a canteen, which I’m super feeling. Be sure to check out their website, they have a great playlist on it (which is a forewarning that they have music playing, but you can turn it off).

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Live Through This

After my little hiatus, I’m back! Back with plenty of new posts, a new banner and a slightly changed up look to the blog. The little break was good for my head, to get things sorted out and to get re-inspired. So, with further ado, my comeback Hole post:


I have always been a fan of Courtney Love; clean Courtney, cracked out Courtney, crazy Courtney. I had the privilege of seeing Hole perform on April 28 at Terminal 5 and it was amazeballs (I was also recently alerted to the fact that I use amazeballs in my everyday vernacular and after much thought and inner contemplation, I realized I’m okay with that. And with my friends ridiculing me. Whatevs guys, I’m a fourteen year old at heart).

Anyway, the show was brilliant. Aside from the band (also, I mean, is it really Hole? No original members except Court…but really, she’s the fuckin heart of it so does it matter?) So, yes, aside from them rushing the set, and there really being no Courtney Love antics, it was a really fantastic show. She sang some old stuff, spoke coherently, and showed up. Basically, that’s what I was looking for.

Anyway, let’s talk some Hole fashion! I bought a great Hole Cardigan, check check check it out:


At work, craptastic phone pic


Up close and gold.

I also bought a Hole tee. I’m usually too drunk and tired by the end of a concert to buy anything, but this time my friends and I made it a point to stick around and get some merch. Definitely a good choice, that cardigan is making my life. I love the weird looks I get at work when my coworkers notice my cardigan and ask why I’m rocking Hole. Ummm, because why the hell wouldn’t I rock Hole? Wouldn’t you?