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NYC Oyster Happy Hours

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Crocodile Gena

Today is my daddy’s birthday and he shares the same name as the crocodile character in this Russian cartoon. Growing up,  my family and I would always joke with him and call him by the crocodile’s name. Russian cartoons have so much charm, this one especially has been translated and enjoyed by kids all over the world (especially Japan, they are obsessed with this cartoon).

I know you’re reading this daddy, Happy Birthday, we love you!

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Nostalgia, Summer, and Back to School Shopping

Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. Summers were almost excruciatingly long, composed of woods and lakes and beaches and camp and foraging and friends and boys and gossip and ice cream and growing up. Now summer means working, with a BBQ and a beach day peppered in. And its fast, so fast that it’s over before you even realize it was summer. If it wasn’t for the painfully hot weather in NYC, I would have no idea. One of my favorite memories of summer has always been back to school shopping. From about 8 years old to 13, I was away every summer. I barely saw my parents, brother and sister, and basically came back from camp right before school was about to start.

Back to school shopping was always hurried, rummaging through the already torn apart aisles of various stores, looking for binders and pens and pencils and folders that were deemed cool by that year’s standards. Shopping for clothing was basically the same, I always had just a weekend to go before school started and would run around various stores with my sister attempting to find things between the ripped apart shelves of stores that had been exhausted by other preteen girls weeks before. This might not seem like a good time to you, but it was everything to me. After spending over two months away, being able to hang out with my older sister was amazing. Although looking back now, I was a huge brat when it came to picking out clothing. Luckily, she put up with me!

I might not be a kid anymore (or even close) but a little pre-fall shopping fun can still be had. The number one fall purchase I need to make at this point is a good pair of flat boots. Every time I get a pair of boots I basically wear them out to the point that they can’t even be fixed if I took them to a cobbler. So come fall, I’m on the hunt for a good pair of stomping boots.

As a teen, docs were my go to. When I first purchased them, they were so stiff I got blisters every time I wore them. I tried everything to break them in, I even had my dad run them over with his car ( I’m not joking). It took a while but when they finally did get broken in, they were like butter. Seriously, they molded to my feet.

steeltoeDr. Martens

Now that I’m in my 20’s, I’m looking for something with a doc martin feel without the chunkiness of actual doc martins (docs are not too appropriate for an office job).  Maybe this will be the year I don’t wear one pair of boots until they’re literally falling apart.


The JC’s are cute, leather and affordable (hello sale!). I give Jeffrey Campbell a hard time about some of the company’s ways, but I still support the fact that his shoes are affordable and fairly well made. I wish that he wouldn’t copy-cat some of his designs, but it’s not a deal breaker for me..yet. It may seem hypocritical and maybe it is, but in the end these boots are $150 versus another designer whose similar shoes may sell for $350 and up ($1200 Golden Goose anyone?)

main_11734_IMG_0544Opening Ceremony

Bernhard Willhelm x Camper boots. Ah, these boots. Completely and disgustingly out of my price range, but I love them. They remind me of boots someone from the movie Hackers would wear, or a club kid partying it up at limelight circa 1993.

Yeah, that’s all I can come up with. It’s time to take this search offline, and get myself into a store, rummaging the aisles like it’s 1999 and I’m 13 years old.

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Weekend Brunch and Vegan Brunch

One of my favorite weekend activities has always been having a great drunken brunch with friends. Now that I’m abstaining from alcohol (for the time being, to get healthy) brunches, thankfully, haven’t become less fun. The one thing I do miss, however, is actually being able to eat brunch food. Along with alcohol, I’m staying away from a plethora of different things; land meat, dairy, gluten, sugar, processed and fried foods, etc. Brunch basically consists of all of the things I can’t have; waffles and french toast, omelets and Eggs Benedict, sugary jams and maple syrup. Even the healthy options, yogurt and fruit and granola, still have to be ordered sans yogurt and granola. I’m not complaining, I’m pretty happy with the way I feel and I still manage to find quite a few options every time I go out to eat, but I do miss a good, proper brunch.

While hanging out in my sisters apartment and thinking about making myself something to eat for breakfast, I remembered that I had purchased Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz a while ago, but never cracked it open. Although vegan, many of the recipes still contain gluten or sugar, are fried, and loaded with calories. Healthier than their non-vegan counterparts? Definitely, but not healthy enough for my current diet. However the one recipe that caught my eye was the Vegan Omelet. I’ve seen photos of vegan omelets on blogs for quite some time now and they’ve always looked delicious. Perusing the ingredients, I was excited to find that the recipe actually fit within my current diet! Containing tofu, chickpea flour, tumeric, garlic, arrowroot, salt, and oil, it was perfect. I made a few adjustments however, I did not have silken tofu so I subbed lite firm tofu and omitted the oil from the recipe altogether. With the firm tofu, the batter was quite thick so I added some carbonated water to thin it out and keep it fluffy. I also only made half the recipe, which should be 2 omelets, but I managed to get 3 which was a total score.





The last omelet was my sister’s and had tomato and dairy cheese. Mine is the one with just tomato. Both omelets came out really well.  Did they taste like egg omelets? Not at all, more like chickpea pancakes but they were great and definitely resembled the type of brunch food I no longer eat. I’m going to play around and tweak the recipe, maybe I’ll post in the future once I think it’s good enough. (Email me if you want the recipe now) All in all, a fantastically delicious and healthy morning.

P.S I know this post seems off topic, but the blog has never been strictly fashion. If you’re a longtime reader, you probably know that already. Either way, hope you enjoy my little change of pace.