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NYC Oyster Happy Hours

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Brooklyn Love: Hello Weekend 12/3-12/5


During the week, I’m always looking forward to, and planning, all of the amazing things I’m going to do over the weekend. You know, check out that pop-up shop, go to that amazing burlesque show, watch that new documentary, listen to that band, explore that farmer’s market, get brunch at that restaurant, etc. Then the weekend comes, and I drink till 7 am and lazily sleep till 4 pm. With the winter months coming, I don’t want to fall into that rut, where weekends consist of partying and sleeping. Instead, I’m starting a new weekly Friday post that will feature my love for Brooklyn and what it has to offer (and give me a handy list of things to do/review over the weekend.) Check out the list after the jump.

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All Saints Damisi Boots

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of flat military boots for the longest time, but my search has always ended in disappointment. Either I haven’t been satisfied with what I have found, or I would end up cheaping out. A while back, I saw the Damisi Military Boot on the All Saints website, but at $250 plus tax, I just didn’t feel like doling out that much cash. Plus, I hadn’t seen them in real life, and $300 on a pair of boots I’ve never seen seemed like $300 too much. Fast forward to Thanksgiving weekend, with its massive amounts of Black Friday Sales and tourists crowding the NYC subways, I was in luck. No, I didn’t go out on Black Friday, but luckily I didn’t have to. All Saints has a 25% off sale that started during Thanksgiving,  allowing me to keep my sanity but still score my boots. I braved the cold and headed into the city, crossing my fingers the entire way, hoping that they would actually look good in real life and be in stock. Luckily, they were perfect and available. The boots are quite sturdy, a heavy leather with just a bit of distressing and an off black color. I’m wearing them for the first time today and they’re amazingly comfortable so far and compliment my dress beautifully. The picture below does not do them justice.

All Saints Damisi Boot

The nice thing about these boots is that although they’re military-esque, they aren’t inappropriate to wear with a dress to work (I work in a corporate office), they’re subtle.

It seems that the sale is still going on, so if you’ve been eyeing anything on the site, now would be the best time to score those items (Hello Cyber Monday!). Tell them I sent you, maybe they’ll send me a second pair in asphalt. A girl can dream!

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Brooklyn Love: BARC Shelter

I’d like to introduce you to my dogs, Edith and Archie:


Ok, so they’re not really my dogs.  You see, a few months ago, I spotted these beautiful little pups on the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition’s website. I immediately fell in love with the two 12 year olds, and even more so because of their sad story. Their owner entered a nursing home and had to give them up, but they grew up together and were canine “soulmates.” Although I wanted to adopt them, I knew that it was impossible. My living situation isn’t stable (I’ll be moving soon and my next apartment will probably not allow pets) and I’m really not home enough to give two senior dogs the attention they deserve. I tossed the idea back and forth for a while, and stared at their pictures every night, but ultimately, I could not go through with the adoption.

Fast forward to this morning, my friend A instant messaged me on gmail chat with the following link, Edith had been stolen! Luckily, the culprit wasn’t a very good thief, and Edith has already been reunited with her canine soulmate. Of course, tears welled up in my eyes and I started to think, this is a sign, the universe is telling me to adopt these two dogs! But really, my life hasn’t changed and there still is no way that I can adopt two senior dogs. However, I’m hoping this story will stir up some good publicity for the pups and someone will want to adopt them. Actually, I’m hoping it will stir up some good publicity for BARC in general as well.

BARC is a no-kill, privately run shelter located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that looks to provide a safe place for abandoned and abused animals, ultimately hoping to find them loving homes. Through private donations, a pet supply business and volunteers, BARC is able to provide a safe haven to countless dogs and cats. I would strongly urge anyone looking for a new addition to their family to consider adoption rather than a pet shop, and especially to consider adopting “my dogs” Edith and Archie! Even if you can’t adopt (like me), consider donation, volunteering at the shelter (or any shelter) or just spreading the word. Just look at the those puppy dog eyes, how can you not want to help?