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One of the things that I absolutely love about Japanese designers is that they take certain risks that others do not. Maybe it’s just that I don’t live in Japan, and they are following a certain trend, but as an outsider, the clothing and originality coming out of Japan is unmatched. The punk, gothic, street aesthetic that seems to run through most of the clothing that I’ve seen is amazing. I think I’m just sick of the unoriginality I see around me, the unoriginality of actresses at award shows, designers that are afraid to take risks, Kim Kardashian… I’m especially so sick of award shows where every actress is wearing the same type of dress that every other actress is wearing that they all wear time and time again. But, I’ll stop griping now and show you YEAH RIGHT!!, a Japanese label established in 2005 by two early 30’s Bunka Fashion College graduates (a top Fashion school in Japan).

YEAH RIGHT!! SS/11 Campaign



The clothes are simple compared to other Japanese brands and the campaign above definitely does not do the label justice. The clothing on display in the pictures are nothing like much of what I’ve seen them put out. One noticeable trait of the label, that is not seen in the campaign above, is their affinity for deconstructed garments. They have something they call “common sleeve” as seen below, where they take two garments and exchange the sleeves. I’ve also seen them fuse two different dresses together, shirts, pants, etc. The results are interesting, a mix of sweet and punk and seem very wearable.


Check out more YEAH RIGHT!! here.

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Green Envy


I don’t use the term “lusting over” very much, since, well, it sounds stupid to me. But damn, if I’ve ever lusted over an inanimate object, it’s definitely these bags. I can’t tell you why I’m so enamored with them, why I desperately want them to go on a further sale so that I can afford them, why I think the green would perfectly compliment everything in my wardrobe, or why I think they are the perfect mix of Versace and Christopher Kane, but I do know this: I want, no, I need, this bag in my life. Okay, I’m going too far, but seriously, if the green one goes from $498, where it holds steady in the sale section of Opening Ceremony, to like $300 or under, I might have to splurge. Or maybe I’ll come to my senses and realize I can spend my money on better things than a $300 bag…Or maybe not. Time to start selling my stuff on ebay? Probably.

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Sharing the Wealth

Although I could be selfish, I figured I would show you this awesome ebayer I found (OK, fine, I know this person IRL). Either way, Fendi’s starting at $50 and a D&G bracelet starting at $15, you can’t really go wrong.

2011-02-11_124420Fendi starting at $50

2011-02-11_124657Chloe boots starting at $85

2011-02-11_124734D&G Bracelet starting at $15

Plus Made Her Think Jewelry starting at $15, Noir Rings, Thomas Wylde, and more. Click the link below to check out more items.

Happy Bidding 🙂