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Scotch and Soda, Amsterdam

In my last post, I included a snapshot of the window display at Amsterdam based clothing store  Scotch and Soda. The brand, which has been around since the 80’s but relaunched in 2001 under three new owners, create clothing for men, women, and kids (under Scotch Shrunk). In addition to clothing, the brand also produces a high profile denim collection and fragrance line. They also have something called “home alone” under their collections, although I can’t decipher if that’s just an editorial, connected to their men’s collection, or something else entirely. Either way, any collection that references a movie Macaulay Culkin made is fine by me.

The collections are made up of well-made basics (think chambray shirts, plaid, jeans, etc). The store sort of reminds me of like a Hollister or Abercrombie, except, everything is cooler in Amsterdam. Where as Hollister and Abercrombie market to a certain type of customer with campaigns and editorials focusing on California surfer cool, Scotch and Soda has more of a hipster-eque aesthetic, marketing to the festival going, leather jacket and flower print dress wearing chick. The cutest stuff on the site?  The kids clothing. Any five year old boy wearing a blue blazer emblazoned with gold buttons is too cute and should probably get on a boat asap (and get me on a boat too, it’s hot as hell in nyc today).

Check out Scotch and Soda here

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City Snapshot: Amsterdam

Although I only spent three days in Amsterdam, I fell for the city, hard. It is just an incredibly vibrant place, with quite a bit of emerging talent in everything from fashion to food to music to art. Although I live in NYC, it sometimes feels uninspiring. My little stop in Amsterdam fixed that, I felt completely renewed and newly inspired.

As I waited on line to enter the Anne Frank Haus, I caught Jared Padalecki from Supernatural exiting and graciously stopping for a photo with some fans. Personally, after such an overwhelming and intense experience, I would have probably told them to go f themselves but he was quite the gentleman. My boyfriend and I have been kind of obsessed with Supernatural for the past six months, literally watching a little over a season a month. We’re up to season 6, and I swear, it’s a good show…No, seriously!

Editor’s Note: I didn’t anticipate this photo becoming a topic of conversation on Supernatural fan sites (thank you clicky analytics). Just to clarify- I snapped a photo (mainly to show my bf who is a fan of the show) of him taking a photo with fans, I don’t consider this inappropriate. I didn’t paparazzi stalk him into a restaurant, nor am I criticizing the girls asking for a photo (I’m just saying I would have felt overwhelmed by the request, which is why, I am not famous.) Anyway, I thought it was a funny coincidence seeing him in Amsterdam since my bf and I watch the show a lot. We’re almost done, so I’ll have to try to turn him onto True Blood next.



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Soft Launch

Hello old friends


I know, it’s been a while. What started off as an innocent break turned into a long and drawn out hiatus. However, during said hiatus, I wasn’t completely idle (check out the blog re-design).  Anyway, just “soft launching” today, hope all is well dudes and dudettes, see you tomorrow with some proper posts!

( Wearing my favorite Chilli Pepper London dress on the Avalon Panorama.  It folds up super tiny so it’s great for travel. Paired with Skyler Man Jewelry, a Noir Bracelet and free Champagne)