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NYC Oyster Happy Hours

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Belgium In Upstate New York

Located 4 hours North West of New York City, Cooperstown may be famous for it’s baseball heritage, but there’s a lot more to get excited about in this bucolic farm town. Thanks to their very own Belgian-Style Brewery, Cooperstown has got a lot more European!

Breaking ground in 1997, Ommegang Brewery has garnered a strong following and the respect of its international competitors. Now owned by Belgian monolith Duvel brewery, Ommegang’s Cooperstown’s headquarters is expanding and busier than ever.  While you can still enjoy the best FREE brewery tour in the North East, including free samples of each of their six ales and their beer infused snacks, they now have a gastropub and Visitor Center with all their wares for sale.

While the tour showcases their style of brewing and celebrates their expansion, the beer tasting at the end is what makes the trip so special. You’ll learn the brewing style and flavor profile of your favorite Ommegang Brews (Abbey Style Ale, Three Philosophers, Hennepin, Witte, Rare Vos and the newly added to their roster, BPA: Belgian Pale Ale), sample cheese and mustards made from their signature ales and sit down and relax on their pristine country estate—What could be better? Afterwards, a trip to the gift shop will be a must so you can buy the beers and the snacks they’ve inspired.

Not gotten your fill of the heavenly nectar? Ommegang’s gastropub will cook you up Belgian specialties that will make you think you’ve landed right in the motherland itself! Belgian frites with cumin ketchup, charcuterie plates with local cheeses and meats, mussels and waffles are all on the menu giving you an authentic experience.

Where? Brewery Ommegang, 656 County Highway 33, Cooperstown, NY 13326

What? Try the Belgian frites with their cumin ketchup—they go great with a draught Rare Vos!

When? Tours and tastings available daily
11 A.M. – 6 P.M.
Memorial Day to Labor Day
12 P.M. – 5 P.M. Winter Hours

Why? Learn about a particular style of brewing and get to taste the end results!


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Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All at Terminal 5

 Odd Future fans trying to get backstage

Wolf Gang, Golf Wang

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All—aka OFWGKTA, aka Odd Future—put on one of the craziest shows I’ve ever seen. On October 19th, 2011 at Terminal 5, while the wind and rain raged outside, OFWGKTA and a mob of fans raged within.

Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats kicked off the show by rapping from the second floor VIP area, then stage diving into the crowd below. As the show continued, people moshed and crowd surfed, though the moshing took down a few would-be surfers. One crowd surfer fell into a mosh pit and I was sure he’d gotten trampled to death. If you’re worried, he’s probably okay, I didn’t see any dead bodies from the 2nd floor as I was waiting for the coat check to clear out after the show.

The mosh pit basically consisted of the entire first floor. Even if you weren’t moshing, you had to kick some ass and stomp on some toes if you wanted to stay towards the front. By the way, if you’re reading this, sorry to the person I accidentally elbowed in the head. That was my bad. Also to the guys smoking a joint behind me, thanks for the contact high and thanks for not accidentally burning me.

I have to say, the show was intense, but I’ve seen worse shit happen at a No Doubt concert. I heard more talk about getting into a fight than I saw actual fighting. For the most part, OFWGKTA fans are crazy, but in a fun way, not to the point of serious violence. Just like the music, it’s loud and offensive, but it’s all in good fun.

If you want to get a feel for what the show was like, check out this video of that epic stage diving:


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Top 5 Cult Horror Films to Watch after Halloween

I think we all know my affinity for cult films, and horror is definitely one of my favorite categories. Now that Halloween is over, watch some campy cult b-movie horror to extend the Halloween spirit all the way into November.

5. The Toxic Avenger


What kind of b-movie horror list would be complete without good old Toxie. This movie isn’t for the faint of heart.  Not PC at all,  but the Toxic Avenger definitely epitomizes “cult horror”. If you get offended easily, you might want to stay away from this one. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

4. Army of Darkness

Oh, Army of Darkness, maybe I should have made you number one. One part culty horror, one part Lord of the Rings/King Arthur gone wrong, this is an essential film to watch for a cult movie fix.

3. Rocky Horror Picture Show


It’s not really Halloween until I watch Dr. Frank-n-furter strut his stuff on screen in those amazing platform pumps. Some would argue this should be number one, but as much as I love Rocky Horror, it’s not the campiest of the bunch, and it’s just too much of a quality film. I’m looking for b-movie camp here guys.

2. Bucket of Blood

BucketBloodJealousy and the Beat Generation, Bucket of Bloody is one part Allen Ginsburg mixed with two parts creepy.  If you want a movie that’s visually inspiring with a plot that includes a jealous insane wannabe artist, this ones for you.

1. Blood Freak


Blood Freak is by far my favorite culty, campy,  b-movie horror film. A 70’s classic that is essentially a PSA against marijuana, it’s one of the funniest and campiest movies in the genre. All you need to know is that there are cool ass leather jacket wearing girls, long-haired stoner dudes and a giant man turned turkey attacking the drug dealers of the neighborhood. As long as you don’t go into this movie thinking it’s 1. well made, 2. actually good and 3. at all scary, you’ll love it!