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Top 5: Brunch Spots in South Slope

Breakfast tostada at La Boulangerie Lopez

A New York City staple, brunch is the time to nurse our hangovers, boast conquests and rue defeats from the night before, and eat a heaping helping of the delectable menageries that arise from the simple, yet glorious, union of breakfast and lunch. I know that sent you running for your nearest, but I’m here to help – in a hyperlocal, microcosm type of way. Below you’ll find the top spots, well known and obscure, to eat this satisfying meal in the still-grungy (and therefore more awesome) South Slope/Gowanus area of Brooklyn.Continue reading

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Beyond Brooklyn: Antibes Bistro

Experience the flavors of the Cote d’Azur in the Lower East Side

A flickering lantern beckons you inside Antibes Bistro, and once you are inside, you will be glad you came. The food is delicious and the ambiance is warm and relaxing. Bundles of dried lavender hang from exposed brick walls, and the rustic wooden tables are decorated with little bouquets of dried flowers. Everything from the wooden chandeliers to the slow French music makes you feel like you are in a little resort town in Provence. The service staff is friendly and the food is both excellent and economical.Continue reading

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5 Tips For Achieving A Vacation State Of Mind All Year Long

Cabo San Lucas aka Paradise

Whenever I leave NYC, whether it’s for a weekend trip or a two week long European adventure,  everything just clicks into place and I feel f*cking great about myself. After arriving at my hotel and freshening up, my hair is perfect, my make up is gorgeous and everything fits as it should. Once I come back home, my hair gets frizzy, my make-up runs, and everything fits like a one year old’s onesie. Being on vacation just makes me feel amazing in general, and about myself. I tend to pack things I would never wear at home; that blazer that always seems too tight, those heels that are just a little too pointy, that dress that’s a little short and that lipstick that is so blindingly red it hurts to look at it.

It’s a strange phenomenon, how good I feel and feel about myself,  but I can’t be the only one experiencing it. Being in a different place just gives you a confidence that you don’t have at home, but that you should. I’ve been thinking a lot  about how to achieve this and I’ve come up with 5 ways to feel good inside and out and continue that “vacation” state of mind all year long.Continue reading