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NYC Oyster Happy Hours

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A Glamorous New Beginning


Last summer, I found the apartment of my dreams. Spacious but cozy, with high ceilings, big windows and lot’s of natural light, it was almost perfect. Why almost? Well, the apartment needs a complete renovation. With a gutted kitchen, uneven floors, doors with cut out holes for (I suspect) cats, and a bathroom that looks like it’s housing several diseases,  this is no “move-in” ready deal. With a little imagination though, you can definitely see its beautiful potential. Plus, it’s  in the same neighborhood that I already live in and have grown to love, and even after doing a full-renovation, it will still be way under the price of other “move-in” ready apartments I had seen in the same area. So, after months of struggling with a co-op board to be able to begin remodeling the place, we’re finally on our way. Of course, this means the hard part has begun.Continue reading

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The Old Navy Sweetheart Jean: Best Ever?

As a thirty year old suburbanite, I need something to entertain myself while I wait in the long checkout lines in the grocery store after a long day at work. Frankly, I don’t care who wore it better or who is dating who in Hollywood. My sex life is fine thank you. So I usually flip through Marie Claire because, despite thinking Nina is the worst judge on Project Runway, I enjoy the how-tos and the product reviews. Every fall, many magazines do a piece on how to pick the perfect jeans for your body type. Many women don’t know how to buy the proper pair of pants; upstate NY might be the world’s capital for muffin-top. There’s nothing worse than body-spillage to make a person look misshapen and larger than they truly are.

I have my own personal interest in the matter. Sir Mix A lot raps that some girls have an L.A face, but an Oakland bootie. This is my fate. It’s called having an hour-glass figure – narrow, high waist and a full hip, thigh and, well, you know. The junk in the trunk. No matter how much weight I lose, I cannot lose my caboose.Continue reading

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Top 5: Brunch Spots in South Slope

Breakfast tostada at La Boulangerie Lopez

A New York City staple, brunch is the time to nurse our hangovers, boast conquests and rue defeats from the night before, and eat a heaping helping of the delectable menageries that arise from the simple, yet glorious, union of breakfast and lunch. I know that sent you running for your nearest, but I’m here to help – in a hyperlocal, microcosm type of way. Below you’ll find the top spots, well known and obscure, to eat this satisfying meal in the still-grungy (and therefore more awesome) South Slope/Gowanus area of Brooklyn.Continue reading