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High Tea with Fashion’s Elite

Oh hai Vivienne Westwood

Tea time just got a little more haute now that you can have your favorite fashion folk over for a cup. Prêt-à-porTea, a 5 tea party pack offers up some fashionable faces to adorn your pretty tea cups. The party invites include Yves Saint Laurent, Naomi Campbell, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and what looks like Continue reading

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The Deli Garage: Making Food Fun

I might not eat land meat, but I can definitely appreciate how glamorous it would be to serve a golden turkey to your unsuspecting guests next Thanksgiving. Replace the turkey with a golden piece of tofu and I’d be ecstatic. Of course, since it has been about two years since I’ve eaten meat, maybe my meat eating readers are shaking their heads at my insanity?

The Deli Garage, a “food cooperative” and makers of this odd but super cool “food finish” assure that it’s food safe; completely harmless and tasteless.  If golden turkeys aren’t your bag, what about golden olives for a super fancy dirty martini? Or Continue reading

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Pirate Cake Pops

If you’ve walked into a Starbucks in the past year, you’ve probably noticed these tiny treats lining the display window.  Cake and frosting is mixed together and covered with a chocolate candy coating and of course, presented on a long lollypop stick. These fancy little treats look labor intensive, and while there are a few steps, they’re not much harder to make then a cupcake. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get the hang of dipping the first time around, just look at my lumpy but totally still cute (and delicious!) pirates.

Pirate Cake Pops
(recipe adapted from Bakerella)

Makes about 25-30 pops

1 Fully Baked Cake (I used Duncan Hines French Vanilla)
1 Can Frosting (or make your own! Recipe to follow at bottom)
1 Bag White Candy Melts
1/4 Bag Red Candy Melts
Black  Edible Food Writer or Black Gel Food Coloring
25-30 Lollypop Sticks (I used 8 inch, but they were pretty long, 6 inch is probably better)

Let’s Make Cake Pops!Continue reading