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Brooklyn Love: BARC Shelter

I’d like to introduce you to my dogs, Edith and Archie:


Ok, so they’re not really my dogs.  You see, a few months ago, I spotted these beautiful little pups on the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition’s website. I immediately fell in love with the two 12 year olds, and even more so because of their sad story. Their owner entered a nursing home and had to give them up, but they grew up together and were canine “soulmates.” Although I wanted to adopt them, I knew that it was impossible. My living situation isn’t stable (I’ll be moving soon and my next apartment will probably not allow pets) and I’m really not home enough to give two senior dogs the attention they deserve. I tossed the idea back and forth for a while, and stared at their pictures every night, but ultimately, I could not go through with the adoption.

Fast forward to this morning, my friend A instant messaged me on gmail chat with the following link, Edith had been stolen! Luckily, the culprit wasn’t a very good thief, and Edith has already been reunited with her canine soulmate. Of course, tears welled up in my eyes and I started to think, this is a sign, the universe is telling me to adopt these two dogs! But really, my life hasn’t changed and there still is no way that I can adopt two senior dogs. However, I’m hoping this story will stir up some good publicity for the pups and someone will want to adopt them. Actually, I’m hoping it will stir up some good publicity for BARC in general as well.

BARC is a no-kill, privately run shelter located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that looks to provide a safe place for abandoned and abused animals, ultimately hoping to find them loving homes. Through private donations, a pet supply business and volunteers, BARC is able to provide a safe haven to countless dogs and cats. I would strongly urge anyone looking for a new addition to their family to consider adoption rather than a pet shop, and especially to consider adopting “my dogs” Edith and Archie! Even if you can’t adopt (like me), consider donation, volunteering at the shelter (or any shelter) or just spreading the word. Just look at the those puppy dog eyes, how can you not want to help?

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Día de los Muertos in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I have a slight obbsession with all things dark, macabre, and creepy. I love beautiful candelabras with candle wax dripping down the sides, carved skulls, creepy doll heads and the like. Clearly, it comes as no suprise that I have a great interest and fascination with Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

When E told me about the trip to Cabo, I was slightly saddened that we were missing the holiday by just a few days, but delighted to find the shops were still filled with Day of the Dead merchandise when we got there. I cheaped out a little though, as the prices were somewhat expensive, but still managed to get some amazing skeleton mermaid statues. I brought back a mariachi skeleton for my brother and his fiance, a blonde mermaid for my sister and brother-in-law and kept the dark haired mermaid for myself. Unfortunately, my mermaid had an accident and broke into a few pieces. My mother came over, exclaimed my shelf was dusty and the mermaid and some DL & Co candles came crashing down. It was an unfortunate accident, but my mommy is promising to glue Prudence back together. Luckily my mother is an artist and can perfectly fix even the biggest or most detailed cracks in statues. Check Prudence out below before her untimely death.

dayofdead1Day of the Dead Statues- Blonde Mermaid , Mariachi skeleton, Brunette Mermaid (R.i.P.)

Going to Mexico during Día de los Muertos is definitely on my “to do before I turn 30” list, along with spending Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, Christmas in Norway and going to a 3 day music festival in Japan. To Dream!

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Sangria’s Bar in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The weekend before last, my best friend E and I took a weekend trip to Cabo. It was my first time in Mexico, and it was absolutely amazing. Out trip included a visit to the spa, snorkeling and kayaking, dinner on the beach and plenty of tacos in town.

A highlight of our trip was a visit to Sangria’s bar on the main strip in Cabo. Sangria’s is tiny, with only about 6 stools and a winding staircase leading up to a second floor with a little more seating and a stripper pole. The bar itself is a super punk dive, the walls lined with dollar bills patrons have personalized as well as pictures of Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain and bulls and other random things. The music was punk and fantastic (with an amazing cover of The Animals’ “Please don’t let me be misunderstood”), and the bartender was super nice. It didn’t hurt that it was also happy hour and the delicious margaritas were two for one. Of course, we added our own dollar to the wall with the motto of cabo “Whatever happens in Cabo, stays in Vegas,” cheesy and fun. After a few drinks, the bartender offered us a local delicacy, some Chapulines, or fried grasshoppers to try, and being adventurous, we went for it. E wanted to throw up, but I really didn’t mind the taste. I’m always willing to try something new, especially when it comes to weird delicacy’s in other countries. I took a million pictures, so hopefully you’ll get a feeling for Sangria’s vibe.

Photo’s of my outfit and fried grasshoppers after the jump.


Iron Bull for Tips


Spiderwebs on the liquor left over from Halloween

sangria's wall

Close-up of money on the wall


Our dollar, ready to go on the wall

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