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City Snapshot: Amsterdam

Although I only spent three days in Amsterdam, I fell for the city, hard. It is just an incredibly vibrant place, with quite a bit of emerging talent in everything from fashion to food to music to art. Although I live in NYC, it sometimes feels uninspiring. My little stop in Amsterdam fixed that, I felt completely renewed and newly inspired.

As I waited on line to enter the Anne Frank Haus, I caught Jared Padalecki from Supernatural exiting and graciously stopping for a photo with some fans. Personally, after such an overwhelming and intense experience, I would have probably told them to go f themselves but he was quite the gentleman. My boyfriend and I have been kind of obsessed with Supernatural for the past six months, literally watching a little over a season a month. We’re up to season 6, and I swear, it’s a good show…No, seriously!

Editor’s Note: I didn’t anticipate this photo becoming a topic of conversation on Supernatural fan sites (thank you clicky analytics). Just to clarify- I snapped a photo (mainly to show my bf who is a fan of the show) of him taking a photo with fans, I don’t consider this inappropriate. I didn’t paparazzi stalk him into a restaurant, nor am I criticizing the girls asking for a photo (I’m just saying I would have felt overwhelmed by the request, which is why, I am not famous.) Anyway, I thought it was a funny coincidence seeing him in Amsterdam since my bf and I watch the show a lot. We’re almost done, so I’ll have to try to turn him onto True Blood next.