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Hamlet Snapshot: Cold Spring Harbor, New York

A few weeks ago, my parents and I started a new summer weekend tradition where we take a day trip somewhere close to NYC. Although I live in the same city as my parents, it’s still hard to see them very often, so this has become a fun way to both spend quality time with my parents and get away from the city. A couple weeks ago, we hopped in the car and ventured out to Long Island, hoping to go to the Vanderbilt Museum. Unfortunately, we arrived kind of late, and didn’t feel like rushing around before it closed. Instead, we decided to check out a cute little main street that we passed on the way. That main street turned out to be Cold Spring Harbor, a hamlet in Suffolk County. The tiny little place in the Town of Huntington boasts a Whaling Museum, quite a few antique shops and the best fish taco (as rated by Newsday). Although we didn’t try said fish taco, at The Gourmet Whaler, my mother and father shared a couple scoops of their Butter Pecan Ice Cream, which they both said was very good. The little candy/ice cream/seafood shop also advertised a lobster roll that I will definitely try next time I’m in the area. Although very tiny, Cold Spring Harbor is a pretty cute little place to check out when you don’t want to go too far, but want to feel like you have.


P.S Over Memorial Day weekend, I took a little trip to Jackson, New Jersey to review the recently opened Green Lantern coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. If you would like to read about my coaster riding experience, head over to, a one stop shop for news, reviews and money-saving tips from theme parks around the world.

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City Snapshot: Amsterdam

Although I only spent three days in Amsterdam, I fell for the city, hard. It is just an incredibly vibrant place, with quite a bit of emerging talent in everything from fashion to food to music to art. Although I live in NYC, it sometimes feels uninspiring. My little stop in Amsterdam fixed that, I felt completely renewed and newly inspired.

As I waited on line to enter the Anne Frank Haus, I caught Jared Padalecki from Supernatural exiting and graciously stopping for a photo with some fans. Personally, after such an overwhelming and intense experience, I would have probably told them to go f themselves but he was quite the gentleman. My boyfriend and I have been kind of obsessed with Supernatural for the past six months, literally watching a little over a season a month. We’re up to season 6, and I swear, it’s a good show…No, seriously!

Editor’s Note: I didn’t anticipate this photo becoming a topic of conversation on Supernatural fan sites (thank you clicky analytics). Just to clarify- I snapped a photo (mainly to show my bf who is a fan of the show) of him taking a photo with fans, I don’t consider this inappropriate. I didn’t paparazzi stalk him into a restaurant, nor am I criticizing the girls asking for a photo (I’m just saying I would have felt overwhelmed by the request, which is why, I am not famous.) Anyway, I thought it was a funny coincidence seeing him in Amsterdam since my bf and I watch the show a lot. We’re almost done, so I’ll have to try to turn him onto True Blood next.