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DIY Numbered Storage Bins

I had been looking for some cute storage bins for my living room for the longest time but it seemed like they didn’t exist. I pinned the The Container Store Rugby Stripe Bins before I moved but once I started decorating, they didn’t seem to quite fit. When I happened to find myself passing a Container Store location, however, I decided to see if they had any other cute bins that might work. Once inside, I saw the Rugby Bins in person and really liked the striped look and quality of the thick canvas. But, my suspicions were confirmed once I brought them home. They stood out in my living room in a bad way, but with a little DIY muscle, I turned them into something cute. Since I already have a lot of gold and brass accents in my living room, the gold numbers seemed like a good idea to bring everything together. And they definitely do! With a paintbrush, gold paint and some Stencils I made by printing out numbers in stencil font and cutting them out, I went from this:

To this:

DIY Numbered Storage Bin

I created the stencils by printing out the numbers and then tracing them onto thicker card stock and cutting them out again. Then, I taped the bins shut (they’re collapsible) with painters tape, and taped the stencils in place. Very carefully, I filled in the stencils with gold paint- I did about three coats with drying time in between. Then I laid them out overnight, and voila.

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Photobooth Magenet DIY


I’m obsessed with photo booths,  but really, who isn’t? Instant gratification; four perfectly cute and usually hysterical photos in your hands faster than it would  take to get a drink from the bar. Over the years, I’ve collected way too many of these photo strips and I’m always left wondering what to do with them once I get home. A photo booth album is one idea, but my favorite way to display these babies  is on my fridge, so I’m constantly reminded of the good times, and that I have awesome friends. The only problem is that after some time the magnets holding these delicate photos start to ruin them. The most logical solution seemed to make the photo booth pictures into magnets themselves.

This is seriously the easiest DIY ever. You need:

1. Photo booth Pictures

2. Magnet Paper (I picked up some ProMag Magnetic Adhesive Sheets from Dick Blick, but any brand should do)

3. Scissors

Just attach your photos to the magnet paper, cut them out, and you’re done! I like to trace the photos and cut the magnet paper before applying, it seems like less of a mess/waste. Then, any extra bits get cut off as well. Definitely try to line up your photos perfectly before applying, you don’t want to have to peal them off and reapply- the photos start to get bent and ruined. Also, if you have small children or pets in the house, be diligent in throwing out the extra little bits of the magnet paper.

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Belgium In Upstate New York

Located 4 hours North West of New York City, Cooperstown may be famous for it’s baseball heritage, but there’s a lot more to get excited about in this bucolic farm town. Thanks to their very own Belgian-Style Brewery, Cooperstown has got a lot more European!

Breaking ground in 1997, Ommegang Brewery has garnered a strong following and the respect of its international competitors. Now owned by Belgian monolith Duvel brewery, Ommegang’s Cooperstown’s headquarters is expanding and busier than ever.  While you can still enjoy the best FREE brewery tour in the North East, including free samples of each of their six ales and their beer infused snacks, they now have a gastropub and Visitor Center with all their wares for sale.

While the tour showcases their style of brewing and celebrates their expansion, the beer tasting at the end is what makes the trip so special. You’ll learn the brewing style and flavor profile of your favorite Ommegang Brews (Abbey Style Ale, Three Philosophers, Hennepin, Witte, Rare Vos and the newly added to their roster, BPA: Belgian Pale Ale), sample cheese and mustards made from their signature ales and sit down and relax on their pristine country estate—What could be better? Afterwards, a trip to the gift shop will be a must so you can buy the beers and the snacks they’ve inspired.

Not gotten your fill of the heavenly nectar? Ommegang’s gastropub will cook you up Belgian specialties that will make you think you’ve landed right in the motherland itself! Belgian frites with cumin ketchup, charcuterie plates with local cheeses and meats, mussels and waffles are all on the menu giving you an authentic experience.

Where? Brewery Ommegang, 656 County Highway 33, Cooperstown, NY 13326

What? Try the Belgian frites with their cumin ketchup—they go great with a draught Rare Vos!

When? Tours and tastings available daily
11 A.M. – 6 P.M.
Memorial Day to Labor Day
12 P.M. – 5 P.M. Winter Hours

Why? Learn about a particular style of brewing and get to taste the end results!