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Flatform Shoes for Spring

Although I think the term “flatform” is kind of silly (aren’t they just platforms?!) I am so feeling them for Spring.

From Top Left: Messeca New York KELLY Flatform Sandal, Jil Sander Navy ELASTIC PLATFORM SANDAL, Jeffrey Campbell SUEBEE FUR Flatform, Moonspoon Saloon X BuffaloPLATFORM SNEAKER


The last pair is extreme- but it’s total camp 90’s club kid wear, and although I might not wear them myself, I’m instantly attracted. Platforms always grab my attention because they’re a perfect mix of style and comfort. They’re solid shoes that you can wear anywhere without being in total and complete pain by the end of the day. My favorite pairs above are the Messeca and Jill Sander, super minimalist but with a bit of color that makes them interesting.

I have a cute DIY involving flatforms coming up, stay tuned!