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Sneak Preview: Macaulay Culkin Nails

If you’re a long time reader of Ode To Awe, you know I have a slight obsession with the Party Monster/Home Alone star ( see here , here and here .) So, it should really come as no surprise that I would want to show my love for the Mac on my nails. After coming across Lynn’s boutique on etsy, I emailed Lynn and asked if she could create custom Culkin nails for me, featuring my favorite bad boy pic of his. For the super reasonable price of $8.99 plus shipping, I will soon be the proud, albeit insane, owner of Macaulay Culkin Nails.  Of course, once they arrive, I’ll do a proper review and post, but I just couldn’t wait to show them off!

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Upstate Sheep

I got food poisoning this weekend, and didn’t really have the strength to put up a proper post, so I leave you with super cute sheep that I encountered during my trip to the Catskills on July 4th weekend.

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Faux Fur, Poppy Lissiman

I can’t exactly tell what is going on with this faux fur coat. Is the dog attached? Is the dog an accessory? Will the dog come with said coat if I purchase it? Whatever the case, I’m kind of digging Poppy Lissiman’s utilitarian and feminine mixed style. The Australian born designer founded her label in 2009 after being unable to find pieces she wanted to wear in the market. Her fun and feminine clothing has a military and masculine edge and consists of both basic pieces and florals, faux fur, lace and vibrant, gemstone colours. I’m so into her floral patterns mixed with utilitarian army green button down shirts.  For a complete interview with the designer, check out  here.

Check out her complete collections here.