Monday mornings are tough.

Well, most mornings are tough.

There was a time in my life when I slept until noon and later everyday but one day you wake up and your body no longer lets you sleep past 7 on weekdays and oh wow, 8:30 on weekends and you’re like, well damn. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy not wasting an entire day like I did when I was younger, but it doesn’t mean I’ve suddenly become a morning person. Far from it, I might be physically awake, but I’m tired.

Enter coffee, magical sweet coffee.

I haven’t always been a coffee drinker, actually, I used to drink a lot more tea (with milk) or chai than I did coffee. But like I said, one day you’re suddenly awake at 7:00 am and earlier and that becomes the norm and you just, need it, want it, start to crave it? So, I’ve started to search for new coffee machines and new brands of coffee, and enter the Nespresso machine and Gourmesso coffee.

Gourmesso coffee, which I found at , is an alternative to Nespresso brand coffee but is made to work with the Nespresso machine. It’s a better price point (about half the price), but moreover, it’s some GOOD coffee. First, it’s certified organic and it’s Fair trade. Second, the pods are made as sustainable as possible. Honestly, am I guilty of not being super green? Of course I am, most of us are. But, I recycle, and do as much as I can, and if I can buy fair trade, organic, and sustainable coffee over another brand, why wouldn’t I?

But, let’s actually get to the COFFEE. Gourmesso coffee smells amazing, it’s that in your face delicious coffee smell. If it doesn’t permeate your kitchen and your nose, is it really good coffee? So far, every type that I tried had that nice coffee smell from a teensy pod. Gourmesso also tastes awesome, I tried a few different kinds, which is is easy because, you don’t have to brew a pot of coffee with single serve coffee pods. I love love love that. Each had that fantastic aroma and wasn’t bitter which is a huge issue with me. I’m trying to learn to drink coffee black, but I find so much of it bitter that I have to add almond milk and/or sugar.

I’m also super into using Gourmesso pods for future brunch parties (and making my crab quiche to go with it). I’m all about making things LOOK fancy while actually not spending tons of time in the kitchen, and presenting an array of gourmet little coffee pods to my guests does the trick. Gourmet coffee capsules mixed with tricks I find on The Kitchn , which is a favorite for fancy looking recipes / party ideas that only look fancy, and I’m all set.

I’ve gone off on so many tangents in the post, but I guess it all leads back to coffee, and staying awake. I’ve been drinking Gourmesso for a couples weeks now and it helps. Not just because it’s coffee, good coffee, sustainable, green, fair trade, organic coffee, which makes me feel better about life. I feel like it’s the entire morning process of picking a fancy looking coffee pod out and having some before I start my day. Maybe this morning person thing isn’t so bad?