Hello all; my name is Alina Skyler and I will be a guest blogger here on Ode To Awe periodically. In case you’re thinking that my name sounds familiar, that may be because I am the designer behind Skyler Man, the (fabulous) jewelry line that Lizzy is always promoting. Lizzy is also my amazing sister (love her).  So when I thought about creating my own blog at some point, I quickly abandoned the idea in favor of doing some guest blogging on OTA, so we can support each other (sisters!).


I will be blogging about Skyler Man street style, so you can see Skyler Man in action, on the streets, and just out and about, partying in Brooklyn and NYC. I want to share my style concept and inspirations behind Skyler Man with you. “Let me show you the world in my eyes” -Depeche Mode.

*Bio coming soon. xoxoxoxo