I am utterly obsessed with mid-century antique serving and housewares. Basically, if it’s old, shiny, and has to do with entertaining, I’ll probably love it.

I first discovered these Vintage Toledo Cocktail Swords on etsy during one of my antique housewares hunts. Unfortunately, the price was a little overwhelming. Most ranged around $40 and up with shipping, which for cocktail picks, is a bit out of my price range. Luckily, I kept searching, and was finally able to secure these bad boys for $20 with shipping on ebay. For 8 cocktail picks, it seems a bit pricy, but when you take into account that new metal cocktail picks start at about $10 for 6 without a stand, these are basically a steal.

The swords being used to skewer olives in my Dirty Martini Shooters

The picks come from Toledo, Spain circa 1950, modeled after the same swords manufactured there since 500 B.C.   They are made of stainless steel with brass handles and come with a brass stand. There are a few different style swords in my set and each is emblazoned with “Toledo.” They are seriously the coolest little replicas, and great conversation starters. Everyone loves a good (mini) sword fight.

If you’d like to purchase some of these for your own, check ebay.com and etsy.com. There’s usually a few auctions happening at any given time.

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Happy Hunting xo