I had been looking for some cute storage bins for my living room for the longest time but it seemed like they didn’t exist. I pinned the The Container Store Rugby Stripe Bins before I moved but once I started decorating, they didn’t seem to quite fit. When I happened to find myself passing a Container Store location, however, I decided to see if they had any other cute bins that might work. Once inside, I saw the Rugby Bins in person and really liked the striped look and quality of the thick canvas. But, my suspicions were confirmed once I brought them home. They stood out in my living room in a bad way, but with a little DIY muscle, I turned them into something cute. Since I already have a lot of gold and brass accents in my living room, the gold numbers seemed like a good idea to bring everything together. And they definitely do! With a paintbrush, gold paint and some Stencils I made by printing out numbers in stencil font and cutting them out, I went from this:

To this:

DIY Numbered Storage Bin

I created the stencils by printing out the numbers and then tracing them onto thicker card stock and cutting them out again. Then, I taped the bins shut (they’re collapsible) with painters tape, and taped the stencils in place. Very carefully, I filled in the stencils with gold paint- I did about three coats with drying time in between. Then I laid them out overnight, and voila.