I’m obsessed with photo booths,  but really, who isn’t? Instant gratification; four perfectly cute and usually hysterical photos in your hands faster than it would  take to get a drink from the bar. Over the years, I’ve collected way too many of these photo strips and I’m always left wondering what to do with them once I get home. A photo booth album is one idea, but my favorite way to display these babies  is on my fridge, so I’m constantly reminded of the good times, and that I have awesome friends. The only problem is that after some time the magnets holding these delicate photos start to ruin them. The most logical solution seemed to make the photo booth pictures into magnets themselves.

This is seriously the easiest DIY ever. You need:

1. Photo booth Pictures

2. Magnet Paper (I picked up some ProMag Magnetic Adhesive Sheets from Dick Blick, but any brand should do)

3. Scissors

Just attach your photos to the magnet paper, cut them out, and you’re done! I like to trace the photos and cut the magnet paper before applying, it seems like less of a mess/waste. Then, any extra bits get cut off as well. Definitely try to line up your photos perfectly before applying, you don’t want to have to peal them off and reapply- the photos start to get bent and ruined. Also, if you have small children or pets in the house, be diligent in throwing out the extra little bits of the magnet paper.