It’s not often that I include a picture of a designer on my blog alongside their collection, but Kym Ellery is an exception. The Australian born designer launched her debut collection in 2007 after working at RUSSH magazine (previously featured on odetoawe here and here) for a number of years as part of their creative team. Ellery’s Fall 2011 collection is both avante garde and wearable, a mixture of architectural details and soft fabrics. I also love the contrast of her own dark aesthetic mixed with light fabrics below; she makes white and lilac look almost gothic. In addition to clothing, the label produces shoes and accessories in the same vein; chunky black boots and cat eyed sunglasses. If not for the hefty price tag (not compared to other designers in the same price point though) I wouldn’t just be looking at these pieces as art, but unfortunately, until I inadvertently win the lotto, I am. Nonetheless, check out Ellery’s beautiful club-kid/goth/avante garde vibe below.

Check out Kym Ellery’s label here.