Every day, I see numerous blogs, tumblers, and websites posting about the newest trend in nails; Japanese nail art, gel nails, matte tips and glossy moons . I’ve always been a big proponent of nail art- it’s the easiest thing to adorn when the rest of you has to look professional. Of course, crazy nails might not be okay in every office, but it seems like the least of HR concerns.

With my always Macaulay Culkin obsession (see here and here and here and list goes on so I’ll stop) I started searching around for a way to incorporate mac on my nails and stumbled onto digital nail printers. There isn’t a lot of information about the printers online, and only one (from what I found) company in the US produces them- most come out of China and Japan. The printers print on either natural or fake nails, and require a steady hand. Ranging from 15 to 30 seconds per nail, depending on the printer, you get a glossy, perfect little image on your nail. The process is super easy; put a base coat on, stick your finger in the printer, then put top coat on. Of course, as these printers begin at over $1000, I decided to search for a salon who has the printer and could do custom nails for me. Lynn’s Boutique on Etsy sells ready made and custom nail designs starting at $8.99 for 20 nails. Lynn was easy to work with and the nails came very quickly. Once the transaction goes through, Lynn sends you an instructional video and then the nails come packaged with instructions as well. The image of Macaulay was perfect, getting proportionally smaller and smaller as the nails decreased in size. I didn’t actually have a chance to put the nails on yet, however, you can see an example of what they would look like in the last picture.

Directions on the back of the package

Close up- perfect Culkins

Nails come with glue and a small nail file

An example of what they would look like on

Personally, I probably would not order these again as I don’t really love wearing press-on nails, however, if you’ve mastered the art of press-ons, these are really fun to wear and definitely quite different. However, if I can find a salon in the city with this machine, you can bet I’ll be getting photos on my natural nails all the time.

If you want to order your own pair, check out Lynn’s Boutique.