Sometimes, I burst into tears because I just want to hug every cat in the world. I want to put them in a basket, or maybe on a rainbow, adopt every cat in the universe and take them home and roll around with them. Or, maybe I’m getting myself confused with Debbie, the crazy cat loving lady on eHarmony looking for love. Inspired by this ridiculously funny comedy sketch (and surprised how many reputable news outlets online couldn’t do their homework and thought this was real) I decided to round up some cute cat print fashions, and apparently, there are plenty of designers obsessing over our furry feline friends as well.

Lanvin Cat and Logo Print Washed Silk Dress

Cream Cat Print Oversize Shirt


Deyrolle Pour Opening Ceremony Long Sleeve Cat Tee


Bonus: Cat Ring

Deadly Ponies Precious Cat Ring




For your viewing pleasure, check out the video above.