I don’t use the term “lusting over” very much, since, well, it sounds stupid to me. But damn, if I’ve ever lusted over an inanimate object, it’s definitely these bags. I can’t tell you why I’m so enamored with them, why I desperately want them to go on a further sale so that I can afford them, why I think the green would perfectly compliment everything in my wardrobe, or why I think they are the perfect mix of Versace and Christopher Kane, but I do know this: I want, no, I need, this bag in my life. Okay, I’m going too far, but seriously, if the green one goes from $498, where it holds steady in the sale section of Opening Ceremony, to like $300 or under, I might have to splurge. Or maybe I’ll come to my senses and realize I can spend my money on better things than a $300 bag…Or maybe not. Time to start selling my stuff on ebay? Probably.