I’m reusing this picture because it’s one of my favorites.

You’d think I’d find this news exciting, as I’m obsessed, but I actually really like my fellow Russian Mila Kunis, and plus, they’re really cute together, and also, I’m really not a creepy Macaulay Culkin stalker. Seriously, I swear. Granted my Best Friend answered for me when I was asked who the sexiest man alive is during a New Year’s day game of drunken truth or dare (obviously the answer was Macaulay Culkin). Ok, really I’m kidding. He’s not the sexiest man alive, cmon now! But he’s cute, and he was always my childhood crush, and I love how he’s fallen off the face of the famous world and how he paints his nails. I hope it’s the first hoax of the New Year.

Also, Happy New Year! I’m quite excited to get some January posts in, it’s my birthday month so expect lots!