Happy (belated) Birthday Mac!

If you’re a longtime reader of Ode To Awe, you must know that I am completely obsessed with Macaulay Culkin. I know, it’s ridiculous and maybe a bit wierd, and the dude is barely making movies but my fascination with Mac started when I was tiny and it’s hard to let things like that go. So, it may come as a surprise that I totally missed his birthday, but really shouldn’t because I’m not like stalker obsessed and I actually have a life. Anyway, I think we really need to start petitioning Mac to make more movies and public appearances. I know it’s fun to be a reclusive turtle, but brighten my life a little with some movies, ok? And one “rumored” appearance in some military drama slated for 2011 on IMBD is not enough!

Check Mac out below partying it up in London a week ago with his brother Kiernan at the premiere of his (brother’s) movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. I’m digging the outfit, what do you guy’s think?

macaulay-culkinImage Courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip.net

Definitely the only person in the world that can pull off the blonde/flesh colored beard.