In a previous post, I wrote about my new obsession with Transvestite jewerly but could not find information for the brand anywhere online. After making a brief appearance on Pixie Market (which sold out very quickly) it seemed to vanish.  I was writing fan fiction for a jewelry line that didn’t seem to exist. I searched for it, as did many of my wonderful readers, but to no avail. I always thought my internet ninja skills were black belt, but this whole situation made me doubt myself.

But did I give up! Well, yes, a little bit. But apparently, the universe did not. Guess who followed me on Twitter? That’s right, maybe I could not find them, but they sure found me!

Transvestite, established in 2005 in Japan, features Men’s and Women’s clothing and accessories. Because I am a little crazy, I translated all of their tweets and news on their website to try to figure them out a bit more. Of course, translating tweets leaves me with more questions then answers, so I leave you with some amazing pictures below instead of my rambles about how into them I am.




This is from a “test shoot” so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of their jewerly and accessories in addition to the clothing. The clothing is pretty dope though, it centers around monochromatic colors, greys and whites and blacks, with an edge. Perfect easy to wear pieces, just throw on and look ill. Looking forward to hearing more from this brand, now that it isn’t just a figment of my imagination.

p.s. I know, I was gone. Now I’m back. I’ll try to keep it consistent.