Today’s post comes in the form of Denmark based Alidra Alic’s beautiful and amazing jewelry. Alidra’s pieces are art, pure and simple. I have really never seen anything like the jewelry she creates, it’s like she plucked it straight from her dreams. Her contemporary collection is wildly amazing; large great pieces sticking up from your hand, wild bright and pretty colors, cascades of plastic flowing down. She manages to create movement in a still form and it’s really just beautiful. Honestly, I’m going to stop rattling on and have you take a look for yourselves. ( And be forewarned that this is an image heavy post because her pieces are incredible, I couldn’t resist posting a bunch.)

The following are from her “Alice In Wonderland” collection:2010-02-19_1625442010-02-19_1626322010-02-19_1626592010-02-19_1644322010-02-19_163434

The next two are from her “Flora” collection:2010-02-19_1627582010-02-19_162816


P.S. Her online shop is opening up sometime this Spring. Hurrah!