If you look at some of my previous posts, you can tell that I like cult movies. Cry-Baby is no exception; rockabilly cult classics just warm my heart. It’s a mash up of so many of my favorite things; rockabilly, Johnny Depp, tattooed tears, campy-ness, culty-ness, and Traci Lords. Any movie with Traci Lords in it is okay in my book..I mean, any non-underage porno of course.

I’m really feeling the rockabilly style here, which is so easily replicated:

katvond_heroUnderage red ( seriously, not making a joke about Traci Lords here) available at Sephora


natasha-dress-leopardLeapord Rockabilly dress-available at Pin Up Girl Clothing

Annual Coney Island Rockabilly Festival here I come!

22 thoughts on “if you mess with us man, you’re gonna cry, baby cry”

  1. That leather jacket is hideous. Trust me, if your going to pull off the rockabilly style, go for a real one, not a hipster indie remake. And if your going to go rockabilly or psychobilly go all the way or go home. There is nothing we hate more than fakabilly girls that throw on a pin up couture dress, throw a flower in their hair, and talk about how “so super rockabilly” they are for the day. We can’t stand you people. Your a flaming joke. You put on a little costume for a day and act like its so totally you. We don’t want you in our scene.

    1. I’m not sure how old you are, but at some point in one’s life, there are more important things to think about then worrying that someone is a “poseur” And- I see you have an online etsy shop- You should probably take a business class because instead of coming here and putting down myself and my readers, you could have made some money by flaunting your wares.

  2. OMG Traci lords looked epic in this film and Johnny Depp soooo Dreamy *.* I still have pin-up leopard around hehe but its only for special ocassions 😉

    Much love,

  3. When I was younger, about ten years ago, my friends and I were all punk rockers and we wore leather moto jackets all the time, emulating the ramones. I had a friend who looked a lot like Traci Lords, and she was the groupie of the crowd. At the time I was more of a tomboy. But looking back I really wish I’d been more girlie and looked more like this too. I was the only girl who wore a motorcycle jacket like the dudes.

  4. I too am a fan of “post-porn” Traci Lords, I’ve always wanted to be able to curl my lips up like hers, but alas…I look like a fish, while Traci looks like…well..Traci. Cult Classics are the best, I just made a personal cult discovery the other morning, a movie called “Night of the Hunter” starring Robert Mitchum, made in 1955. Influenced several campy directors like Martin Scorsese(sp), Spike Lee etc. and you can totally see the influence. It’s before it’s time really, check it out.

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