Super lovely blogger Walk The Sand has given me my very first blog award. Her blog is just fantastic so to receive this from her is even more special. I especially love her “closet alphabet” series which is quite unique, it offers a glimpse inside her closet and world based on the letters of the alphabet.

With this award, I must write 7 things I love to do:

1. go into laughing fits with friends
2. sleep under piles and piles of blankets
3. watch the campiest cult movies
4. daydream about lovely places that I will someday visit
5. go to Burlesque shows
6. experiment with raw food recipes
7. have a weekly crafts night with friends, that has and will ultimately turn into wino/drunken stories night

And now I pass the love onto 7 other bloggers:

1. she will dress herself
2. Passion Food
3. NTL
4. Eternal Masquerade
5. Rocker Repro
6.Kingdom of Style
7. Wendy Brandes