I used to be a carny.

Summer after summer I worked in a glitter glam pink tee shirt shop on the boardwalk. I was surrounded by hanging mermaids, bug-eyed doll heads, boardwalk souvenirs, massive amounts of tee shirts and random oddities. Every day, I walked up the rickety wooden ramp, past the teenagers and fry cooks getting the next door funnel cake, hot dog and fried shrimp shop ready for the day. The early morning boardwalk is so different from the midday boardwalk. It’s filled with the carnies, the sideshow geeks, the neighborhood joggers, the crazies and the loners, preferring to swim alone. I knew these people and for a little while each summer, became a part of their world. Unfortunately, just like any place in the world, the boardwalk has its politics and its crooks. Nonetheless, it’s still magical, a wonderland of history, if you can look beyond its current state.

Anyway, I just wanted to share an artist that has made some great Coney Island prints that we used to sell on the boardwalk. (In addition to his amazing paintings, he makes really interesting band posters-definitely check out his website.)