I was on the Saks website today with my sister as she was attempting to buy a super pretty Alexander McQueen silk scarf. She’s been wanting to get one for awhile, and this one was 75% off! Unfortunately, after purchasing, Saks sent her a message that the order was canceled because the scarf was sold out. It was a total bummer. However, she totally reminded me of my love of silk scarves. I have a few but I don’t really wear them very often. Every time one entered my little collection I would wear it for a while, constantly, until it was put away into my silk scarf box, never to be seen again. After being reminded of their wonderful-ness  today, I’m totally feeling them. I think spring calls for the resurrection of the silk scarf.

Some of my collection:
silkscarvesFrom Left: Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Moschino, Vivienne Westwood

Speaking of Alexander McQueen, I totally want this ring:Alexander McQueen - Skull Cocktail Ring_Silvertone - Saks.comVia Saks

Also, a while back, I entered a contest on Opening Ceremony’s blog to win some Vampire Weekend stuff. I’m going to admit here that I haven’t heard Contra yet, but their older album is pretty good.  vampireweekend

Thanks for the sticker and poster Opening Ceremony!