So, this weekend I am moving into a new apartment. It’s a cute little studio/1 bedroom (the bedroom is separate, but with no actual door), with purple walls and exposed brick. I have all of the furniture I would need- an antique Victorian style flower upholstered couch, a bertoia chair, a black and bleached cream antique table, a dark green antique lamp, and a plain old box spring bed that does not go with anything. However, it’s the home decor that I really need…okay, maybe, want..

Supermarket - Blaue Blume tea pot - white with gold shoes from Undergrowth Design

Supermarket - Blaue Blume Milk jug -White with gold shoes from Undergrowth Design

Blaue Blume Tea Pot and Milk Jug via Undergrowth Design

DL & Company | Modern Alchemists and Purveyors of Curious Goods

Silver Claw Candle Holder (two please). via DL & Company

antelope skullSouth African Duiker- antelope skull with swarovski crystal via The Future Perfect

Ok, so I can’t really afford any of these right now, but a girl can dream..and dream..and dream.